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Welcome TO Hotel OFURO

We are a hotel with a calming ambiance and locate is just a 10-minute walk

from the Royal Palace and 300 meters from Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh. 

We have an outdoor swimming pool and free WiFi throughout the property. 
We have only 8 rooms but all rooms are fitted with simple furnishings

and comfortable beddings. 
We will provide you with free drinking water and air conditioning. 
The private bathrooms also come with a hair dryer and a bathrobe. 

ホテル オフロへようこそ








Hotel Location
#15, Street 246, Sangkat Chak To muk,

khan  Daun Penh, Phnom penh, Cambodia
Tel: +855 23 990 228

+855 96 201 0868

OFURO Training School

- for Cambodian People -


Our school has managed by Japanese.

You can learn Japanese language and the basic business manners of Japan.

In recent years, many Japanese companies in Cambodia

looking for the Cambodian people who can speak Japanese and

understand the basic business manners of Japan.

Excellent student will get the chance to study Japan

with the scholarship and work in Japan.

You can choose your class from morning, afternoon and night.

Every class have 3 hour lesson per day.

You can learn Japanese language and business skills directly from the Japanese teacher.

In addition, using our Japanese network,

we can support study abroad and employment that fits each student.

OFURO Training School
- 企業様向け -




        ・自社のオペレーションマニュアルに沿って 仕事を教えたい。


​        ・日報の書き方、在庫管理の仕方など具体的なことを教えたい。。。。

     OFURO Training Schoolでは、






   ・1日3時間の授業なので、仕事をしながら 学べます。

​   ・雇用する企業側からの要望も取り入れたカリキュラムを作成します。

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